Finding Your Light w @chelseaj0rdan

Finding Your Light w @chelseaj0rdan

by Emily Roland

The ‘Balance’ collection is an energy focused collection. It touches upon our own co-existence amongst the ever changing energy we experience in a single moment. This collection reflects the internal journey one experiences with each new year, the energy you cultivate, and seek out. These pieces were designed by bringing an updated twist to original Find Me Now bodies that reflects the balance we have found in our own growth as a brand and as people.

During this time of year, life can get so busy and feel overwhelming at times. We wanted to remind others through our Balance collection to take a deep breath, protect your peace, and find your light. We spoke with musical artist Chelsea Jordan (@chelseaj0rdan) about how she finds her light during this time of year. 

How do you preserve and protect your energy during the winter? 

During the winter, I find that I have much less energy to give to others than normal. Thus, I set the intention to listen to what my body needs.” 

“If I feel tired and do not want to leave my apartment, I don't. If my social battery is low, I save what’s left for myself. I am extremely mindful of the energy of my apartment — my safe space —  as well, in terms of who I invite over and let come inside, especially since I find myself spending more time at home in the winter. I consistently use sage and palo santo to cleanse my energy as well.” 

What colors do you wear during this time of year to boost your mood? 

Burnt orange is one of my favorite colors to wear during this time of year. It not only boosts my mood, but makes me feel more calm and connected to the universe.”

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