About us

Sometimes you need to lose yourself to find yourself. Finding yourself is about remembering who you are, your spirit and your inner nature. Returning to yourself.

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  • What we prioritise

    We live at the intersection of mindfulness and comfort — taking a playful, never too serious approach to apparel.

    We use color to amplify expression, and create clothing that provides that “in the moment” feeling.

    We’re constantly considering the hours in the day and always conscious of the need for uninhibited movement and freedom from constraint. 

  • Based in New York

    Dreamt up in New York City, we’re a team of women, designed and developed by the very people who wear the pieces we make and love.

    Led by Stephanie who has been working in the industry for over eight years has committed to create a conscious, slow fashion brand. 

    Founded during the pandemic, launching 100% online-only, the brand identity is inspired by nostalgic ‘older internet’ aesthetic. 

  • Design Approach

    All of our pieces are designed with intentional wearability in mind. Comfort is our number one concern. We create clothing that offers a one-step process- no alteration, adjustment, or assembly required. We encourage our community to love, care and rewear your unique pieces, to one day live on as a cherished vintage item for someone else. 

    We draw inspiration from the energy around us. Our lives move fast, but our fashion is slow. 


We design all of our products in our studio in Long Island City. We responsibly manufacture our products in small factories, based in Ningbo and Shanghai. We are fighting to remove the stigmas, biases and generalisations that exist about products produced in China as we cherish and value the relationships we have with the actual people who care for our  production.

Our brand focuses on sustainability first and foremost, with small scale production at self-funded, women owned, sustainability focused factories. We guarantee a living wage for every human in all of the factories we work with. 

Certifications available ⟶ Sedex, ISO 10009 


All of the photos on our website are taken by us at or around our studio in New York. We don’t retouch any of our photographed models and we use models of all sizes.

We see beauty in all tones, sizes, shapes and all the states (ups and downs).