FMN Holiday Wishlist

FMN Holiday Wishlist

by Emily Roland

As a small business we really know what it’s like to work towards our 𝓹𝓪𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓸𝓷 and being able to put all of our effort and love behind it to see it become successful. We also know exactly what it’s like to face to the day to day ups and downs, celebrating every single win and overcoming the lows. Being able to share this journey with like minded small businesses creates our community of support and shared experiences.

We need to support small businesses today and everyday ♥︎ we want to highlight some of our favs with amazing stories and people behind them ♥︎ here are the gifts you should explore and shop today for the loved ones in your life ➪



Celebrate the holidays in your best fit. This guide is great for those instagram worthy photo ops. Our Ross top in blush paired with our pixie dusty snood is perfect for a cozy family dinner or a night out with friends. Our knit bandeau can be also worn as a top if you want to switch it up paired with our 'In the Woods' leg warmers. 



This guide is perfect for someone who prefers to stay in opposed to having a night out on the town. This is great for those who prefer those cabin fever moments! Our Jamie bralette set with underwear is perfect for a cozy self-care night on your own while our “In the Woods’ candle is lit. The Posa tank paired with the parker legging and pixie dust leg warmers are perfect for when you have company. Overall this guide is go-to thing for someone who prioritizes rest this holiday season. 



The Men in our life deserve something this holiday season as well. This guide is great for your partner, friend or family member who you would like to appreciate! Our Annuals Jacquard Sweater and Dusty oversized Cardigan will make sure he will stay nice and cozy. Paired with our balaclava and scarf, the man in your life won’t have to worry about missing any essential items this season. 

♥︎Gus Gus Studio♥︎

This small independent business produces customer order handbags with matching accessories. They aim to operate as sustainable and responsible as they can and their handbags are made from a combination of new and dead stock fabric. Their “Mini Edna” handbag in cream and cherry is an adorable piece to wear for the holidays as it resembles candy canes! 



Founded by New York based designer Jessica Tse,  each piece made by Notte jewelry is thoughtfully made to add something different and unique to your collection. Shown in the guide there is their new PLAYDATE collection which is  inspired by nostalgic childhood daydreams and iconic anime films and SS22 collection The "Ocean Heart ring" ring set is paired  "Disco Disco" necklace (that can also be worn as a earring) and "Cloudy with the Chance of Sparkle" earrings. 

♥︎Brooke Callahan♥︎ 

If you want a simple statement piece to wear, this brand is the perfect one for you. Made in LA and Italy, Brooke Callahan's pieces are made with vintage and handmade beads. The XL Heart pendant in red is handmade glass with a hand sewn silk cord. Each piece made by the brand is unique and one of a kind. 



This small but mighty brand was founded by Nikita who used her traditional Indian heritage as inspiration for her products. Specifically the "Gooseberry Delight" Hair oil was inspired by the hair oiling practices that she learned in her childhood. The ingredients are derived from Gooseberry plant and Amla oil which is non-greasy, easy to wash and sensitive skin safe. 

 The "Double Shot” Face Serum is a perfect pick-me-up for your skin during the cold weather. The ingredients are formulated with a bunch of hydrating benefits to help soothe dry or dehydrated skin, and additionally has a plumping and calming effect to give you the flushed “I’m Cold” trending makeup look naturally! 



♥︎Orce Cosmetics♥︎

Created to set a new beauty standard, Orce Cosmetics is a 100% cruelty free brand that creates high-performance cosmetics for those who wear makeup! Their "Skin Perfecting Serum-Foundation'' is made to diminish visible imperfections, smooth uneven texture and give a youthful radiant look. Ingredients such as Tahitian Pearl, Hyaluronic Acid and Evodia Rutaecarpa are meant to help with hyperpigmentation , loss of radiance and signs of aging.



Bread beauty supply is THE go to brand for your hair essentials. Centered around kinky/ curly hair types, this brand helps simplify your hair care routine. Their “mud-mask” is a pre-shampoo treatment to help reset your curls, and is designed to help fix flat dull hair to increase shine and exfoliate your scalp. 



Dieux's mission is to help you understand exactly what you are buying and how it works. Clinically vetted, the brand uses vegan ingredients and environmentally conscious packaging to fulfill their brand identity. Their “Forever Eye Mask” is a reusable eye patch that holds your own gels serums, and creams for maximum absorption. The mask if used correctly and taken care of can last up to a year before the logo starts to fade. The eye patches are good for boosting hydration, plumping fine lines and helping with catch makeup fallout. 



Founded in 2019, this socially conscious after-bath brand was founded to connect traditional artistry with modern trends. The “Strip Robe in Soak” is a 100% cotton long robe that is ethically handwoven in India and is made to keep you cozy and cool. 

♥︎Ordinary Habit♥︎

Founded with a simple purpose, Ordinary Habit is a great brand to support this holiday season. Their puzzles are a great way to create closeness with your family or with one-self. The company donates a portion of their proceeds to groups that support emotional and mental wellness and currently they are donating to The Loveland Foundation, which helps bring opportunities and healing to Black women and girls.


This brand was founded to disrupt the status quo and do something a little different. They work with naturally derived ingredients, that are non-gendered functional fragrances with non-GMO sugarcane alcohol. Their “Smudge” fragrance celebrates ancient ceremonial practices of  using smoke to clear energy (which is a perfect theme for the upcoming New Year). As it is 100% natural, it uses frankincense, tonka bean, labdanum and juniper to give a light but musky scent.



♥︎Memorial Day♥︎

Memorial day is a small, Indonesian-women-run business based in NYC. Made in Indonesia, each piece is hand crafted by local artisans located in the area of Bogor, Bandung and Bali. This Butterscotch Daisy is a relaxed bucket hat that can be worn in a variety of ways! This is a great transitional piece to be worn in all seasons and its muted color with a pop of color is a great addition to anyone's hat collection. 



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