Find Us in New York

Find Us in New York

by Erica Fleming

At Find Me Now, we are embracers of both color and comfort. With these qualities, weare often mistaken for a Los Angeles based brand. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but at heart, we are a New York brand, designed and conceptualized in Long Island City. Our design roots go back to Parsons School of Design, Class of ‘85.


We are inspired by the energy of New York and the individuality, boldness, and creativity of its’ inhabitants. We create clothes that offer comfort while we navigate the frenetic and unpredictable place we call home. 

So with that said, come find us in New York.

Meet Yolande . . . 

Yolande Macon's Instagram page is bold and bright, an accurate reflection of her colorful outfits and magnetic personality. A Virginia Beach native turned Brooklyn resident, Yolande uses her platform to encourage and inspire other black women, proving that with some hard work, you can get everything you want. Watch Yolande's interview to hear some of her fav spots in NY and how she's grown in the last few years.


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