Life Is In Session

Life Is In Session

by Stephanie Callahan

If there is anything we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that you should invest in anything and everything that makes you happy - starting with your clothes. 

Pieces that make you want to dance. Want to wake up earlier and stay out later. Want to order another. And another. Dresses made for twirling, kissing, hugging, laughing, and wearing again and again. 

Life is in session . . . get back to what you love.

The Life Is In Session collection takes a look at the many different faces that make up Find Me Now. Like the pages of your high school yearbook, we are all filled with endless stories, memories, and meanings. Inspired by the technicolor nostalgia of adolescence, our latest collection celebrates the youthful spirit in all of us. Each drop of our collection has been personified in a way we feel shows exactly who we are - hopeful, bold, unique, and insightful.
Say hello to Betsy: A hopeless romantic with a tendency to fall in love at first sight. She loves gingham dresses, yellow roses, and long walks around the trader joe’s produce section. Betsy’s fav Find Me Now styles are the Roux midi dress, Sacha, and Lumi Cardi
Meet Tiffany: You won’t see her in many yearbook photos, because she’s always the one taking them. We see ‘creative director’ in her future. This cool girl loves to wear what no one else has. Mixing beaded necklaces, bright makeup, and bold prints is her everyday go-to look. Get her look in the Dream On mesh dress and Charlie 2.0 set.
Get to know Ashlynn, the sweetest it-girl you’ll ever meet. Find her dancing the night away any day of the week. She feels her best in pieces she can move in, like the Dream On Mesh Dress and colorful Dale set. 
Lastly, say hi to Brielle. Smart and stylish, she does it all. As a Virgo, Brielle knows how to dress to impress. Her go-tos are the bold Princeton knit polo and classic gingham Vesper set.

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